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Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (2008)

Please, just…go with it, ok?

Teenager Nick (Michael Cera) suffers from what I call post-traumatic relationship disorder (PTRD), a very common condition which affects the manner in which a person behaves, reacts, and lives as a result of a terrible breakup and/or terrible partner. Aside from leaving quite literally fifty messages for his formulaic-ly “bitchy” ex girlfriend, Tris, and creating a dozen mixtapes to summarise his feelings – Nick is resigned to making collages of his time with his paramour.

Hope is found (of course) in the shape of his hilarious best friends who overhear that their favourite band Where’s Fluffy will be playing a secret gig somewhere in New York City, and fans of the band must decipher clues to discover Fluffy’s whereabouts. On the same night, Nick’s own band, ‘The Jerk Offs’ play a gig where Norah (the beautiful Kat Dennings) – coincidentally obsessed with the music Nick burns for his ex-girlfriend, is bullied and pressured by Tris in to faking a boyfriend. Chaos ensues when she asks Nick (unaware that he is “Tris’ Nick”) to be her boyfriend for five minutes, and in doing so, unleashes the wrath of his ex-girlfriend.

I never wash my pants. I like to keep the night on them.

Even more chaotic hilariousness ensues when Norah’s drunken, sexually voracious best friend Caroline goes missing in the city. And so converge Nick, Norah, The Jerk Offs and the evil Tris on a quest to find Caroline and discover their favourite band of all time in the funniest Easter egg hunt-style I think I’ve ever seen.

If you touch one hair on her head – anywhere – I will kill all of you!

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist made me nostalgic for the all-nighter adventures I never had (see Dakota Skye) – hiding inside a giant city, unsupervised, running with ecstasy and sighing with contentment with the people you love most in the world around you. I can however, say that I’m beginning to have these very adventures of my own with people that I choose to spend my time with; have these ‘I-can’t-believe-we-did-that’ memories with. And this is exactly what Nick and Norah’s adventures do – make us reminisce the times we had when we were uninhibited, liberated and downright stupid.


  • The supporting characters each have their roles in the film – not your regular lead-character based dribble
  • A romance that didn’t make me groan
  • Definitely packed with some laugh-out-loud moments
  • Makes us want to revisit and most importantly, re-enact ‘well-that-was-a-dumb-thing-to-do’ moments in our lives with friends


  • The film is a little rushed, but again, Nick and Norah is just like a memory – fleeting, but lasts forever
  • The soundtrack needs a lot of work – a soundtrack that most 13-year-olds would already know off by heart does not sound like a great CD

Final Verdict


A journey to remember for years to come, Nick & Norah is simply a fun and realistic account of what happens when the best things in life come together – stupidity, friends, entertainment – all make the phrase “good times” seem an understatement.

To the friends that make us remember who we are, remind us of what it is to be alive and accept us as we are. I wouldn’t relive those memories with anyone else.

Where do you wanna go?

Anywhere, I mean, it’s only 4 in the morning. Where do you wanna go?


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